Happy Holidays! Linksmų atostogų! >2020<

Happy Holidays! Linksmų atostogų!
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
Linksmų Šv. Kalėdų ir Naujųjų metų!
Веселого Рождества и счастливого Нового года!

>>> 2020 <<<

merry-christmas 2020 ASE BALTIC

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EXpressure – Dvigubų durų spintos Ex d by R. STAHL

EXPRESSURE – Dvigubų durų spintos EX D BY R. STAHL R. STAHL dabar taip pat naudojama EXpressure technologija spintose su dviem durų plokštėmis, kurios užtikrina greitesnį ir lankstesnį aptarnavimą pavojingose vietose. R. STAHL išplėtė savo novatorišką Ex d korpuso seriją EXpressure į dvigubą durų versiją. Dabar spinta gali būti visiškai atidaryta net ir ribotose erdvėse ir užtikrina…


CONFUSED ON WHICH LED TO CHOOSE? 10 reasons to choose R. STAHL Ex Emergency Lighting There are a number of very good reasons for using an LED emergency luminaire make R. STAHL. We collected the top 10 arguments for you: 1. Comprehensive solution for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 – for customers without central battery systems.…

STAHL – Preventive maintenance in zone 1 and 2 with IS1+ Remote I/O

Higher plant availability through intelligent diagnostics in hazardous areas Enabling preventive maintenance, IS1+ features integrated wear detection and reports “Maintenance” requirements in keeping with the NAMUR NE107 standard The IS1+ Remote I/O System from R. STAHL enables preventive maintenance implementations in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, where servicing systems and components is particularly challenging…

STAHL – Safety with a twist

Safety with a twist Uncompromising protection: safety switches by R. STAHL R. STAHL, a competent & reliable supplier of explosion-protection products and systems, We offer customized and innovative solutions, as well as expert advice. Our products are certified in accordance to ATEX and IECEx approvals as well as NEC. The safety switches which are a…